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These are the members of the webring. The hip people with their own table at the club. Why don't you pay them a visit and say hello?

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The Liverpudlian Bardot
Fritzi's (that's me!) website is dedicated to the girl, the OF character in her Beatles RPF series Girl.
💕Devastatia💕's website features Premium quality s**tposting and erotic fiction from the One True Dark Mistress!
Avery is a chick in the Midwest with a hyperfixation on the 60s and 70s, paired with a manic drive to write.
Wildcat runs a personal website with original stories set in the past!
Bohemian Sultriness
Fritzi's (that's me!) personal website is a collection of all the things I like: books, films, games, music and everything nice.
Aïcha's site is a display cabinet for all of the (usually vintage) things I take joy in!

Poll result

Attention, cats & kittens! As you might remember, I asked you about your favourite Beatle when filling in your application form. This was not a trick question, you've all made it into the club!
Let me introduce to you the one and only... club's current darling Beatle Paul McCartney!

Paul McCartney and Merrill Colebrook

Fabulous friends

Below you'll find marvellous resources for all Sixties lovers. Either hand-picked by me or suggested by you.

If you find that something or someone truly great is missing from that list, let me know via e-mail.

Guitar Tutorials
Mike Pachelli is a true Beatles expert. His YouTube channel provides excellent in-depth guitar lessons and background info for many songs of the Fab Four.
Rob Swift is a professional guitarist and his YouTube channel is a magnificent source for all sorts of guitar lessons including music theory, Blues, Classic Rock and many Beatles songs.
Ivor is a retired semi-pro guitarist and provides acoustic guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate players on his YouTube channel. He does beautiful campfire versions of lots of great 60s songs.
With a name like his, Jon is predestined to make excellent Beatles guitar tutorials and in fact he has the best video on how to play Blackbird. But that's not all; as Jon says he's helping guitarists escape the black hole of learning on the internet with step-by-step plans to unlock their inner rockstar. And if you're looking for e-guitar tutorials specifically, that's the place to go!
Magazine Archives
The Fabulous magazine archive. Fabulous magazine was launched in January 1964 and was one of the top selling music magazines of the 60s and 70s, running for nearly 900 issues. It consisted of full colour shots of pop artists and groups, taken by top photographers, including David Steen and Robert Whitaker, which could be used as wall posters. Predominantly concentrating on Merseymania at the outset, it contained at least one pin-up of The Beatles in every issue for two years and some issues, such as 15th February 1964, were almost totally devoted to the group.
The RAVE magazine archive. RAVE was a fan magazine, filled with original photos and interviews and life stories of the great names of the beat generation in the UK.
The Avant Garde magazine archive. Avant Garde, the brainchild of Ralph Ginzburg, was a magazine notable for graphic and logogram design by Herb Lubalin. It also featured John Lennon's Bag One litographs.
The International Times magazine archive. International Times was an underground newspaper, founded in London in 1966.
The IKEA catalouge archive. Contains every issue from 1950 to 2021.
Past Print is an online archive with lots and lots of vintage magazines. It even has almost all issues of my beloved TWEN magazine.
Enter the Day-Glo world of The Peculiar Manicule and explore an awe-inspiring archive of 60s and 70s graphic design. Witness mind-blowing displays of ink on paper by designers and illustrators, both known and unknown.
Personal Sites
Sirega is a writer who has a focus on Canadian historical fiction. She has always been interested in Creative Writing, History, and Vintage Fashion. A talkative Bulbul bird, she talks and writes in paragraphs about the wonderful memories of the past and the present.